Risk Assessment

What does your organization face?

Before you can take steps to protect the information in your business you need to understand the risks the organization faces. A risk assessment provides an objective analysis of these risks and gives you all the detail you need to make informed decisions. By evaluating the threats to your information, Prime Information Security works with you to develop effective measures to give the protection you need, without spending more than you should.

What we Assess

We can conduct risk assessments on individual applications, systems, infrastructure and your business processes. Whether you are looking for the big picture or a detailed view of a portion of your business, our risk assessments show you, quickly and clearly, the exposure you have.

Using the latest security research and findings, we ensure that your risk assessment contains accurate and up-to-date information. As new risks emerge, we include them in our assessment. More importantly, as new defenses are developed, we'll advise you on the effectiveness of each.

The Approach

Our approach is to communicate the risk to you in language you understand. That means you can digest, understand and act-upon our reports instantly. We can work closely with your staff to determine where the realities of work deviate from the ideal, or take a hands-off approach much as an outside attacker might.

Some organizations like to start 'ground-up', building up an overall risk profile by looking at each system and process in turn. We start with your highest-risk areas and work our way out until you have the complete view. Alternatively, some businesses start by conducting a high-level assessment and then using that to drill-down into the areas they feel are most appropriate.

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