Penetration Testing

How secure are you?

To really know how secure your organization is you need to see it from the view of an attacker. Just as airport security is tested regularly to ensure it's effective, penetration testing tests the security measures you have in place. Prime Information Security clearly defines the boundary of what we can, and importantly, what we cannot do. Whilst the most effective test is a 'no holds barred' approach, we understand the impact this can cause to your business operations. We are therefore comfortable with working under very strict constraints.

What you can Expect

We use some of the most advanced techology and techniques, just as hackers do when they target your information. Whilst it is important that we do not disclose some of our methods, we carefully explain the outcome and impact of every test we do that exposes your information. Some penetration test reports are nothing more than the output from some of the tools of the trade. You'll find ours is a complete analysis with conclusions and context to help you take action.

And don't worry, our activities are completely 100% confidential. We never reveal the identity of any of our customers, giving you piece of mind to arrange the testing you need without impact to your reputation.

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